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Pet Of The Week - Freddy

Compiled by Chloe Barrett

Saoirse, age nine, writes a fun piece about her kitty companion, Freddy. She encourages readers to get a loving cat of their own as she discusses his fun antics!

Hi, my name is Saoirse! And I have a cat named Freddy. He is a ginger tabby cat and he is my best friend. I got him when I was two years old, and I’m nearly ten now! Every day when I come home from school he is usually waiting for me and he watches me while I do my homework.

Every single night he sleeps at the end of my bed and it gets all hairy! My dad hates Freddy, and Freddy hates my dad. He does not let Freddy on the couch, so whenever my dad is home Freddy stays outside. But, when my dad has gone to work, he lays on the couch until he comes home!

When I’m just relaxing and watching television or reading a book he sits on my lap and purrs! Freddy hates all other pets. He fights with the other cats on my road. Freddy also hates tummy rubs and getting lifted up! If you at least attempt to pick him up he will run away from you. Freddy loves my little sister, he rubs his head against her legs and hugs her every day.

Freddy is the best pet I have ever had and I would highly recommend anyone having a cat as a pet!


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