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Pet Of The Week- Lacey & Zelda

Writes Chloe Barrett

Lacey and Zelda are two much-loved canines residing in Carrigaline. They are always up for an adventure and will never say no to a yummy treat.

Lacey is a Bichon Frise and loves visiting the beach. She likes to chase some sand and paddle happily in the ocean. A weekday with a lie-in is her ideal morning, with hopes of getting a few treats throughout the day. Lacey will gladly rest up on the couch with her humans for hours if allowed but is always up for a play.

Lacey happens to be very easygoing and takes everything in her stride, making her the ideal companion. She was the first dog I had ever owned and I could not have gotten a better furry friend!

Zelda is a Coton de Tulear who has more energy than she realizes. As an opposite to Lacey, she aims to get up early and eat her breakfast as soon as possible! The garden is her favourite place. She could spend hours playing around with toys, hoping the neighbours will pop out to say hello and join her.

She is not the biggest fan of going to bed at night, after all, what is the night for if not extra time to play? Zelda also does not like to be left on her own without company, she craves the attention of us far too much. We did not realize a small fluff ball could be so demanding, but also so cute at the same time.

They both love their daily grooming and if the choice was offered, would accept constant hugs all day every day! They truly brighten up the house and always keep us on our toes. Especially with the pandemic, there is nothing better than a puppy hug to keep you going on tough days. Plus, they encourage you to walk and explore your local area! What’s not to love?

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