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Pet Of the Week - Maybel

Pet Of The Week is back in The Carrigdhoun.

The column introduces some of the best loved pets in the area and is open to anyone to send us the story of their pet along with a cute photo or two.

Pet Of The Week is kindly sponsored by Pet Essentials, Carrigaline.

This week, we meet Maybel:

My name is Maybel and as you may have guessed I am a pet rabbit. I enjoy getting up early and wandering around the house.

After my little morning stroll I tuck into a tasty breakfast which contains berries, leaves and hay. After that I play with the toys my best friend Rebekah bought for me at a local pet shop. I also like to play with the door springs as they make a funny noise when I flick them. One time a spring hit me on the nose and it hurt. I guess I was silly! Somedays Rebekah takes me for a spin in her car.

I love to get outdoors to see things, especially the beach. At around 5pm I have my supper, this is my favourite meal as it's fresh vegetables and more berries. Yum! For the rest of the evening I play hide and seek in the house and wait until Rebekah comes to find me.

By then I'm getting sleepy and I go to bed. That's my day folks, life is easy! I heard that The Carrigdhoun Newspaper was hosting a Pets Corner and I thought I'd write a little story and send in a photo of me peeping out of my Teepee!

Hope you like it. Bye for now.

Regards, Maybel.

To be featured, send us 200/300 words about your pet along with a photo to:

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