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Piper joins Council Race for Bandon/Kinsale

Brendan Piper is the latest name to enter the elections for the Bandon/Kinsale Municipal Area on June 7th.


 A public spat over the council's insistence on a large bond being handed over before Mr Piper's Funfair could be allowed to return to its traditional location looks to have forced Mr Piper's hand.


'I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say last year's experience didn't encourage me to put my name on the ballot paper,' Brendan said. 


After all, I felt so hurt after the Piper family had entertained Kinsale's residents since 1929 that the council put an impediment on our return that was simply out of my reach.'


'I tried to reach out to find a compromise, but the only thing I found was a stone wall.'


'I know, we can do better than that.'


While the Funfair issue is important, Brendan is quick to point out, 'I am not a one-trick pony. I am committed to addressing a range of issues that affect our community.'


In a town like Kinsale, the lack of housing is a serious issue, and he has identified short-term letting as a major issue.


'You only have to look in the window of any auctioneering business in the town to see the lack of accommodation for rent, but the online sites offering short-term rentals are overflowing.'


'We are destroying the fabric of the town and those who want to live here, and I think someone needs to shout stop, and that is me,' Brendan said.


He wants the issue of parking and its charges to be reviewed too.


'Why can I travel to Bantry and Clonakilty and have a two-hour stay without having to pay a euro?


'Not in Kinsale, what is the town getting in return.'


'At least Pipers can't be blamed last summer for the traffic chaos that often gridlocked the town,' he said.


'There seems to be no communication between the electorate and the council, and while I don't have a magic wand, I am asking people to give me a chance.


'After all, Pipers have spent 95 years in the town, so I think we know a thing or two about Kinsale.' 



Brendan Piper enters the local election as an Independent Candidate for the Bandon/Kinsale Area.

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