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Primary Care Centre Bus Stop 2020 Bound

Writes Ciaran Dineen

A bus stop, which will be located just outside the Carrigaline Primary Care Centre, is still some way off coming to fruition following an update from Cork County Council. Since the centre opened, a temporary bus stop was established outside the industrial estate, beside a pedestrian crossing, but still some way from the entry to the care unit itself.

Councillor Seámus McGrath (FF) recently sought an update on the interaction between Bus Éireann and Cork County Council and the facilitation of the bus turning at the facility in Carrigaline. Cllr McGrath argued that many people using the bus to go to the centre would be likely to have mobility issues and that a stop directly outside was essential as a result.

Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) supported her colleague and his motion, and reiterated her continued frustrations that residents in Passage West and the wider Harbour Area still have no access to the health centre via direct public transport, although she conceded this was the NTA’s fault and not Cork County Council.

According to Madeline Healy of Cork County Council there are two possible solutions. The problem that remains is not where the bus stop goes but instead where the bus itself turns to exit the vicinity and rejoin the main road.

There is the possibility that the roundabout adjacent to the centre can be opened up to the through road and subsequently allow the bus to turn. However, this would require specific funding from the NTA as part of the 2020 allocation.

The alternative is that adjustments would be to the area besides the bus stop, which we would give the bus enough space to be able to manoeuver around the existing barrier and turn to go back on itself. However, the progress on developments to this remain quite slow and it is likely to be placed on the backburner until 2020.

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