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Raffeen Needs Urgent Traffic Calming Measures Warns Councillor

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Residents of Raffeen Village continue to convey their concerns over speeding through the village, an issue which has plagued the area for some time.

The call for implementing traffic calming measures in Raffeen was recently raised at the April meeting of the Carrigaline Municipal District (MD), by Councillor Seámus McGrath (FF). Cllr McGrath, who indicated that he had been in contact with concerned residents not for the first time over this issue, highlighted the non-stop traffic and speeding occurring through the village, particularly at peak times during the changing of shifts in Ringaskiddy.

According to previous reports, over 20 years ago, residents said they wished to see a traffic study carried out and anti-speed ramps installed. Failing that, there was need for physical narrowing of the road and signage to force vehicles to slow down at either end of the village, at the top by Shanbally. Reminder signs along the bendy and narrow route were also needed because due to the significant drop in road gradient into the Raffeen golf course and concern about the condition of a wall and possible subsidence.

Although the Greenway project, which incorporates Raffeen Village, included proposals for traffic calming measures as part of the design process, Cllr McGrath has argued that an urgent response is now needed and residents should not be forced to wait any longer for a resolution.

In support of her colleague was Cllr Audrey Buckley (FF), who described the situation faced by residents at peak times as “lethal”. Meanwhile, Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind), also noted the important intervention on this issue by Cllr McGrath, stating that she had also been in contact with residents over the past few years about the scale of traffic and speeding that was occurring on a daily basis in the area, suggesting that it is one of those unfortunate villages that are “subject to unnatural levels of traffic”.

In response, Carrigaline District Officer, Madeline Healy, raised a series of potential suggestions to support traffic calming that would be particularly suitable to Raffeen Village, most notable raising the possibility of creating a one-way system. However, she said that some serious consideration would need to be made, noting the potential negative impacts that introducing ramps could have on parking for residents.

She concluded by saying that safety funding has already been allocated this year but that Raffeen can be prioritised for next year or potentially replace a scheme that has already been pencilled in for this year if something falls through

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