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Residents advised to take note over water connection works in Maryborough

Residents in the Maryborough Hill area are advised to take note over connection works by Irish Water which may cause low water pressure and supply discolouration.

The areas of: Hazel Hill, The Oaks, Apple Wood, Maryborough Ridge, An Radharc, Hilltown, Maryborough Hill, Moneygurney, Ballyorban, Garryduff, Maryborough and surrounding areas will be affected by these works.

The works are scheduled to be carried out from 9am until 5pm on 5 March and once they are finished, it is recommend that residents allow 2-3 hours after the estimated restoration time for your supply to fully return.

For more information on the connection works check out the Irish Water website where you will find an interactive map of the greater Cork region.

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