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Ringaskiddy Tidy Towns

Ringaskiddy Tidy towns was started in the middle of lockdown, 2020 as a direct result of the huge influx of visitors to the village and surrounding area.

Unfortunately, an increase in visitors also meant an increase in rubbish, and after several weeks (and even months) of local volunteers collecting rubbish, the natural desire to improve the appearance of the village as a whole led to the establishment of a Tidy Towns group and committee.

The committee is led by driving force Jamie O’Toole as Captain, and supported by Sinead O’Mahony (vice-captain), Kathleen Tuohy (Treasurer), Noelle Nally (Public Relations Officer) and Indra Roelants (Secretary).

But that is not all there is to it, says Jamie O’Toole, “We are lucky to have the continued and faithful support of a dedicated team of volunteers. Together we have collected 2.3 tonnes of rubbish in the past 12 months, over 400kgs of glass bottles and, subsequently, we have transformed the village and the surrounding back roads and beaches.

Five beautiful old boats filled with plants and maintained by volunteers now adorn the village in strategic places. Huge planting and weeding projects have been undertaken successfully in the core of the village and funding has been secured for several stunning 3 tier planters to be put up in the coming weeks. Hanging baskets in the centre of the village are also planned for this coming year.”

“Many more exciting and colourful projects are in the pipeline also, and we can’t wait to see all of the beautiful flowers, plants and especially colours brightening up our village. We still currently only have 1 bin by the playground for the village, and are hoping to get more in the next few months.

We have put our own wheelie bins into the beaches and the graveyard carpark (4 in total) which we look after ourselves”, says Jamie.

He continues, “We are entering the Tidy Town's competition this year, the first time since the year 2000 and are looking forward to entering it and getting feedback from the competition.”

“The work in the village wouldn't be possible without our amazing volunteers and we can't thank them enough for their support.”

Bins In Haulbowline Park

Nearby, rubbish collection at the recently opened Haulbowline Park is inadequate according to many visitors. Bins installed there are covered over, so visitors can’t put rubbish in them.

Ringaskiddy Tidy Towns say, “The park is already absolutely destroyed with rubbish because the bins that are there are covered. The bins in Haulbowline Park are currently being taken out, and as far as we are aware, they are not being replaced. TD’s and councillors are working on it and trying to resolve the issue. The park falls under the Cobh municipal District of Cork County Council so Cobh staff of the Council must give the go ahead to replace the bins.”

Thanks to Jamie O’Toole for the information.

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