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School Warden Scheme Proposed Outside Crosshaven Boys’ School

School Warden Scheme Proposed Outside Crosshaven Boys’ School Writes Leo McMahon

A school warden scheme is proposed to make it easier for people to cross the road near Crosshaven Boys’ School, members of Cork County Council’s Bandon-Kinsale Municipal District (MD) were informed at their monthly meeting in Camden Fort Meagher, Crosshaven.

It was in response to a motion from Cllr Aidan Lombard (FG) requesting the council design a footpath and pedestrian crossing near the school as a matter of urgency and explore the possibility of a traffic warden service there. Cllr Lombard said children being able to cross roads in safety was a huge issue in Crosshaven at a time when there was a big push to get young people to walk to schools.

With regard to by the boys’ school and nearby fire station there was also a problem with parking which could made it difficult for the tender to get out when the alarm went off. In reply, executive engineer Billy Horgan said a design for a footpath was previously carried out by the Roads Design Office. Having been examined by the area engineer and fire service, it was felt the footpath design would result in serious difficulties for the tender exiting the fire station and travelling up or down hill so the footpath was a non-runner. It was also feared the tender would go up on the kerb.

‘A second proposal for a lined footpath at road level isn’t deemed suitable as it will not provide a physical separation between pedestrians and vehicles which is desirable to prevent accidents.’ The engineer proposed a school warden system be used to get people across the road and use the existing footpath in front of the fire station to the school. Some upgrading of lining would be carried out if a warden was appointed and the Kinsale MD office had applied to the council’s personnel section to confirm if funding was available to sanction a school warden service.

In addition to examining movement of pedestrians for the boys’ school, the engineer undertook to examine a proposal to install a formal pedestrian crossing on Lower Road at the bottom of the walkway where parents park cars and collect children. Cllr Lombard thanked Mr. Horgan for his report and urged the proposals for a school warden scheme and the crossing on Lower Road be pursued.

Crosshaven Road Wall In reply to Cllr Lombard, Mr. Horgan, said that following a meeting with the county and senior engineers, the heritage officer and assistant manager, a scoping report had been submitted to the planners for necessary works on the wall alongside the R612 near Drake’s Pool, Crosshaven. Subject to funding and a contract, it would probably be a two-year project in two one kilometre phases. Members were told it was intended to resurface a section of the road from Crosshaven to Drake’s Pool in 2018.

Cllr Lombard said a pedestrian crossing was needed in the middle of Crosshaven village and a footpath from Brightwater. He complimented council staff on the excellent work on footpaths on the Carrigaline road. The engineer said a raised table-top was preferable to a crossing in the middle of the village as the latter wasn’t feasible. It was hoped to continue footpath works leading towards the Grand Hotel apartments subject to funding. Cllr Gillian Coughlan (FF) called for attention to a drain at Goat’s Cross near Myrtleville.

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