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Second Street Bakeshop should be your First Stop for All Your Chocolate Needs

Second Street Bakeshop is an award winning confectionery and candle making company which operates in Cork Incubator Kitchens here in Carrigaline Writes Tara Maher

With Halloween done and dusted, owner Claire Keane is getting ready for the upcoming Christmas season, and has created an American-style confectionery gift box that is sure to get customers drooling. Clare has created two new flavours of her mouthwatering rich Toffee Brittle – an After Eight-inspired, Peppermint and a chocolatey, nutty, Hazelnut that is gluten free.

Claire Keane of Second Street Bakeshop

“I’ve always had sweet treats as a theme in my life,” Claire admitted. Growing up, she always loved to bake and grew up making fudge, butterscotch and caramel. In school she would sell cookies to her classmates and Claire operates out of Cork Incubator Kitchens located in Carrigaline Industrial Park, which she described as perfect for start up businesses.

“It is clean, spacious and efficient. It's a great resource for startup food businesses with ample parking and onsite storage. You book by the hour and there are no long term lease commitments which suit startups” she explained.

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a risk and takes a lot of time, money and effort but there is nothing else Claire would rather be doing. “Having your own business has its challenges” she said, “but like getting a new product off the ground and up and running, wondering if it will work out. You've got to keep going for long enough to gain traction in the marketplace and have faith in yourself and the future. It's still going to be a tremendous leap of faith."

Second Street Bakeshop's current bestseller is the Sea Salt Toffee Brittle in Milk Chocolate, which has won a Blas na hÉireann award, but for Claire, her favourite changes with the seasons and right now it's the Hazelnut Toffee Brittle which she described as being like a fancy Dime Bar.

The busy Christmas season is well and truly underway and Claire is determined to be prepared for all the last minute shoppers, “We've started bringing in extra ingredients and ramping up production by making a lot of toffee because we know it will be a mad rush at the last minute. For Christmas gifting, we've put together a tasty selection box, which offers 4 different flavours of toffee brittle: Sea Salt Milk, Dark, Hazelnut and Peppermint, there's something for everyone.”

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