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Security Needed in Carrigaline Playground and Running Track Update

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Security measures are needed for the Carrigaline Playground according to Councillor Seámus McGrath (FF). The call was made from Cllr McGrath at the latest meeting of the Carrigaline Municipal District, in response to the recent anti-social behaviour incident that occurred a few weeks ago.

It was reported on Halloween Night that a fire had been started in the playground, with guards and the fire brigade notified at approximately 7pm. Fortunately the fire was brought under control relatively quickly but a section of the playground had been badly damaged.

The act of vandalism was hugely disappointing and the amenity area had to be closed for a number of days before it was safe to return.

Speaking on the issue Cllr McGrath said, “it was very unfortunate that the playground had to be closed over the weekend, especially when there are limited places for people to go. Security is an issue that I have raised in the past but I would like us to review that situation, whether we look at locking the playground or whether we look at recruiting security in terms of lighting, CCTV and so on. It’s just not acceptable that a facility like that would be out of use over the course of a weekend for the hundreds of children that would use it.”

Explanation over Running Track Delay

Councillors were given reasons for the delay on the development of the long-awaited running track in the community park, which was due to open nearly four months ago. The material which will be used for the surface needs to be transported from Germany and also must be spread onto the ground within a 4-week period.

Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, work and travel restrictions, there was a fear that this 4-week shelf-life could expire before its implementation. As a result it will now be 2021 before the project is completed.

Given the delay in the process, Cllr McGrath believes that there is scope to possibly request additional funding for some form of lighting that could be installed on or near the track. This suggests that it is likely to appear on the agenda again in the new year.

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