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Sisters Who Slim Together Win Together

Five years ago life was very different for Carrigaline sisters Orla and Noelle. Having both struggled with their weight for many, many years, they had resigned themselves to never having the will power or strength to battle their weight. But both were desperately unhappy. Says Orla of this time “when I was younger I loved everything quirky and different - I loved my slightly goth style, doc marten boots. By the time I had my third baby, I had completely lost all sense of my style, living in baggy jumpers and tracksuits. Not only that, but I lost myself. I was miserable, and afraid - not even wanting to sit on my daughter’s bed to read her a bedtime story. I was terrified I would break it”.

Noelle agrees; “I battled with being overweight my entire life, and had resigned myself to always being so. I had just accepted it as part of my identity. But I hated it. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2005, I struggled hugely with my food, and my relationship with food. I lost a dramatic amount of weight being ill, but not in a safe and healthy way. And I changed nothing in my relationship with food. After my children, the weight went all back on again. Back to misery, and to the notion that I’ll always be overweight.”

One morning a leaflet arrived in the front door about Slimming World, and it changed everything. “We had heard lots about Slimming World, but doubted how it would be any different to everything else we had tried - but nothing ventured nothing gained!!”

“That first Saturday morning, heading into Crosshaven, we were both really nervous, but we had no need to be. Everyone was so welcoming, kind, understanding, and all there for the same reason. The food plan sounded incredible, practically no weighing and measuring food!!! We could eat pasta and potatoes with no guilt, chocolate every day if I wanted. Straight away that was definitely different!! But even more than that - No one took any notice of our weight, and that felt amazing. Everyone was there to lose weight, and all of a sudden we had a safe place, and it was ok to talk about our weight and how we felt - there was absolutely no judgment - only smiles and encouragement.

Within a year, we had both lost 5 stone each, and now we started to find our happy selves!!! And it felt amazing!!!!!! Family eating habits are now healthy and balanced, the plan worked perfectly for everyone at home, even the children. Noelle managed the plan beautifully with her Crohn’s disease, and now she has a truly healthy relationship with her food, it’s no longer her enemy, and she is firmly in control of her health; Orla’s is now no longer afraid, no longer lost. “Slimming World gave us the strength, the tools and the support that helped us find our true selves.”

Now, as Slimming World consultants in Carrigaline and Crosshaven, the sisters have changed their lives, and are helping others find their own journey to their dreams, supporting and encouraging all the way. After all, sisters who slim together, win together.

Find the girls:


Carrigaline Community Centre

5.30pm and 7.30pm with Orla


Carrigaline GAA

9.30am, 11.30am, 5.30pm and 7.30pm with Noelle


Crosshaven Community Centre

8am and 10am with Orla

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