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Solar Bins In Cobh. Why Not In Carrigaline MD?

Writes Leo McMahon

Cobh has solar powered smart bins so why not Carrigaline Municipal District (MD) asked Cllr Audrey Buckley (FF) at the monthly meeting of the MD.

Described also as ‘big belly bins’ and fitted with a compactor, these hold more rubbish than traditional street ones, include an ash tray and have a sensor to inform the council when full.

Cllr Buckley pointed out that she first asked for these in Crosshaven and Carrigaline MD two years ago when a company was prepared to initially provide these free of charge. She was disappointed their area didn’t get these and wanted to know who supplied Cobh MD.

MD officer Carol Conway replied that the bins were installed on a trial basis by Cobh MD under a licence. If a success with the staff and public, the bins could possibly be a goer for the rest of the county. Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF) said he believed the decision to locate solar bins in Cobh MD was made at a higher level within the county council.

Solar Bins in Cobh. Pic - Leo McMahon

In support of Cllr Buckley, Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) said solar bins were initially installed at Haulbowline Island Park but remained covered, unused and were eventually taken out. She strongly believed there should be bins at the popular new council amenity and suggested Cobh MD be written to as the park is in its area. She added that if installed, Carrigaline MD staff would have to empty the bins and have to be paid by Cobh MD for this service.

Cllr D’Alton said there was a case for asking the local government boundary commission to move Haulbowline into Carrigaline MD.

Cllr Michael Paul Murtagh (FG) had a motion asking the MD commit to addressing blatant issues with bin numbers and the frequency of collections in Crosshaven and its bays.

The MD officer reported that 11 litre bins supplied to Carrigaline MD beaches were emptied weekly by the waste collector.

The councillor acknowledged the response and thanked new area supervisor Shane Piper for acting on this promptly and getting these emptied.

Cllr Murtagh said two litter bins at Rocky Bay had been burned and asked that these be replaced.

Referring to the report from the MD officer, Cllr Buckley said she didn’t see any allocation for Christmas lights for Crosshaven and asked funding be provided for lights to be installed in the Pier Garden.

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