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Stitch’n’Time Announces Exciting New Partnership

Stitch’n’Time Announces Exciting New Partnership

Stitch’n’Time, Carrigaline’s professional alterations service has recently formed an exciting partnership with a Cork based designer, Anna Sztafinska and her company, a.selective

Stitch’n’Time has become a popular service boutique in Carrigaline and is committed to fostering good relationships with local businesses.

Anna is an established milliner, blogger and stylist under the name a.selective. This local designer specialises in custom made headwear for various occasions, including weddings and ladies day events nationwide. Anna currently designs beautifully thematic window displays for Stitch’n’Time. Moreover, she focuses on a particular theme each month, showcasing handmade props and other decorative essentials. However, the highlight lies in Anna’s own work which features some of her premium, one of a kind headpieces.

Stitch’n’Time and Anna have joined forces to strengthen the local link. Both businesses are equally committed to their customers and place a major emphasis on the quality of their products. The team at Stitch’n’Time is currently looking forward to its communion, confirmation and wedding season. It is one of the busiest periods for the boutique and in anticipation of that, the duo are working hard to promote their partnership.

Anna is also looking forward to the upcoming season. In fact, she is already working hard on new ideas for the display, incorporating the above themes. The Cork milliner has plenty of experience with comminution and bridal headwear, working on an individual basis with her clients. This creates a perfect opportunity for Carrigaline customers. The clientele can now pop in to Stitch’n’Time for a dress fitting for that wedding or daughter’s communion and try one of Anna’s unique headpieces to finish the look.

Anna’s designs can be purchased or rented on site.

For more information contact Anna from a.selective, as she will be glad to help you out with your fashion needs.

Contact a.selective

Phone: 087-0534918

Facebook: @aselective

Contact StitchNTime, Main Street – Carrigaline

Phone: 087-1522002

Facebook: Stitch’n’time



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