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Swans Return To Site Of Attack

Swans Return To Site Of Attack

A pair of nesting swans have, in recent days, returned to the rushes just below the bridge by the Kerry (Old Quest/Biocon) site on the Crosshaven Road, Carrigaline. The location is where a pair of nesting swans were attacked, with one killed, by a loose dog last May. A story which made national news and caused much public outrage at the time. Nesting usually occurs between April and July, with swans choosing a location that has ample food supply and shallow, uncontaminated water. The female chooses the nest, while the male defends it, as happened last year when the male swan was killed defending the nest against the dog. While cruel things sometimes happen in nature, dog owners are being urged to be aware of the swans and keep dogs on leads. Cygnets (young swans) are usually born in June or July following an incubation period of 35-42 days, so this is a crucial time for the nesting swans.

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