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Tempers Flare on Shannonpark ‘Disaster’

At the first meeting of the Southern Committee in the newly-appointed Cork County Council there was one very hot topic on the agenda, as questions were raised surrounding the development works at the Shannonpark Roundabout in Carrigaline.

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Works to the roundabout and adjacent roads have been on a stop-start basis of late, creating delays to the development and leaving residents and commuters confused and frustrated. However, this was not the primary reason as to why local councillors in the Carrigaline LEA sought a response from Council officials, instead it revolved around the change in work that has taken place, as opposed to what was agreed by Councillors prior to the commencement of developments.

Councillor Seámus McGrath (FF), led the charge on Monday, asking Director of Services, Roads & Transportation at theCouncil, Pádraig Barrett, for an explanation as to why a slip road, which was part of the development plan for the roundabout, has now been omitted from development work. As work has been ongoing at the site, it was quickly becoming evident that no such slip road was being constructed and a post on a local community Facebook page from former Labour Councillor, Paula Desmond, pointed this out, garnering a huge response as a result.

Councillor McGrath explained to the Council that elected members had received no consultation or update that the slip lane had been removed from the plan and demanded an explanation as to why Councillors were not told, and questioned the legal basis for such a decision to be made.

See the full story on this week’s edition, out online and in shops on Wednesday:

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