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The Harbour Amateur Dramatics Group present - Cinderella The Pantomime!

Last weekend the Harbour Amateur Dramatics Group presented 3 sell-out shows of the enchanting and hilarious Pantomime "Cinderella" with over 30 local cast members, and supported by the Passage West Youth Choir.

This new and talented Amateur Dramatics Group transported audiences into the magical world of Cinderella last weekend in Ringaskiddy Community Centre, with 3 shows and, as promised, delivered a delightful experience for the whole family, with singing dancing and loads of laughs!

The production featured a mix of seasoned actors and fresh faces, that ensured a captivating performance that resonated with audiences of all ages. With lots of audience involvement, [ ‘oh yes they did’ ! ] flashing toys and sweets it was a huge hit for audiences of all ages.

Adding to the enchantment, the Passage West Youth Choir leant their voices to the production, providing a harmonious backdrop to the whimsical world of Cinderella. The collaboration between the amateur dramatics group and the talented Youth Choir elevated the entire experience, creating a magical atmosphere that left a lasting impression.

Photo: Damien Quirke

There was a spectacle of visual enchantment as attendees were treated to an array of intricate costumes and dazzling set designs meticulously crafted by the dedicated students and teachers at St. Peter’s Community School in Passage West. This collaboration underscores the essence of community support, making it clear that this production is a true labour of love from the entire community.

The heartwarming and clever narrative beautifully encapsulated the timeless charm of the fairy tale. More than just a pantomime this production was a jubilant celebration of our community, with unwavering support from the Ringaskiddy Community Centre committee. Their invaluable assistance with lighting, sound, and volunteer efforts has been instrumental, shining a spotlight on the abundant talent and creativity flourishing within the Harbour Parish.Harbour Parish Amateur Dramatics Group is a vibrant community organization dedicated to promoting and fostering a love for the performing arts within the Harbour Parish. Comprising a diverse group of individuals passionate about theatre, the group strives to create memorable productions that bring joy and entertainment to the local community. 

The Passage West Youth Choir is a talented group of young voices dedicated to spreading the joy of music within the community. Under the guidance of Mary Foley, the choir has gained recognition for their enchanting performances and commitment to artistic excellence.

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