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Tracton Author Launches Publication

Writes JJ Hurley

The long-awaited launch of the crime thriller Blinding Lies finally hit the country's bookshops on Tuesday last, as Oysterhaven author Amy Cronin makes her debut.

The narrative is cleverly crafted as two mysteries run concurrently throughout the story, adding to the tale. It's one of those books you find challenging to put down, as Cronin draws you ever deeper into the intrigue that's so expertly hidden on each page.

The mum of two describes the novel's writing as cathartic and very relaxing. Written primarily during the recent lockdowns, it offered a distraction during the first difficult months of the pandemic, with the news reflecting such a bleak outlook.

Grabbing moments on her laptop between home-schooling and the children playing, the book and its characters indeed came to life. Available on Amazon for some time, it received rave reviews, including one poster describing it as a 'cracking thriller.'

Now part of a trilogy, fans are clamouring for the next installment from the Tracton- based author, who has a publishing deal with Poolbeg Press.

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