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Traffic Calming Measures Needed Along Upper And Lower Kilmoney Road – Councillor

Writes Ciaran Dineen

At July’s meeting of the Carrigaline LEA Municipal District (MD), Councillor Ben Dalton O’Sullivan (Ind) called for more to be done in introducing traffic calming measures along both Upper and Lower parts of the Kilmoney Road.

Speaking in the Council Chambers, the Independent Councillor explained how it was a topic that was often raised on the doorsteps during the Local Election campaign, with residents very concerned about speeding issues along the roads.

“It’s a 50 Kilometre zone down there but cars and even buses are flying up it”, he went on to say. “It’s really not fair on the residents and I really think that something needs to be done. I’m wondering if we could get a speed survey done and see how that goes and then make changes afterwards.”

In support of his colleague was Cllr Seámus McGrath (FF). He also said that he had spoken with residents of late about the problem and acknowledged that the issue had been raised with Councillor Aidan Lombard (FG) in previous years when South Carrigaline was part of the Bandon-Kinsale ward.

Kilmoney Road

He went on to say that there were problems on both roads, with particular speeding issues on the Lower Kilmoney Road from the severe bend leading into the Village. He said that perhaps when the works are completed in relation to Irish Water along the lower road, that another speed survey could be done, although he did recall that surveys had been done before.

In response Madeline Healy of Cork County Council confirmed with Cllr McGrath that he was correct in saying that surveys had previously been done about three years ago. From her recollection she believed that the results showed that speeding did exist but it was not that excessive, saying that cars were usually in the high-50s at most.

She did point out that there is a lot of work taking place with watermain replacement on the lower road and suggested that the solution would be to allow those go ahead and wait until the winter months before conducting a survey. If the results showed that there was severe speeding then she said that something could be put together for the 2020 Roads Programme.

Cllr Dalton O’Sullivan then asked if a temporary speed camera could be set up on the road but he was told by other seasoned Councillors and Officials that this was unfortunately not a matter for the Cork County Council and was for the Gardaí. 

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