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Traffic Concerns In Passage Glenbrook and Monkstown

Writes Leo McMahon

Traffic and parking problems along the R610 in Passage West, Glenbrook and Monkstown were highlighted in motions from chairperson Marcia D’Alton (Ind) at the monthly meeting of the county council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD).

She requested that a ramped pelican crossing be installed in the vicinity of Victoria Terrace, Glenbrook. ‘At present, there is neither traffic calming nor a pedestrian crossing at this wide stretch of the R610. A ramped, safe crossing would achieve both, providing safety to younger and older residents and slowing vehicular traffic alongside a well-used amenity walk’, said Cllr D’Alton.

In a report, senior executive engineer Alan Cogan, said there were no plans to install a ramp but a speed limit review was underway and proposals had been submitted to reduce speed limits there. The outcome of the review was awaited.

‘Progression on the greenway is also occurring and findings and plans would have to be considered also. In addition, pedestrian movements at this location would not meet any qualification criteria to justify installation’, he added.

‘There are no pedestrian crossings between Passage West town centre and the new one Monkstown. A crossing close to a prime amenity path (greenway) at Glenbrook, well used by many people, is critical and there isn’t a week goes by when somebody doesn’t ask for a crossing or speed control there.

Exiting Glenbrook, there were no buildings to the left and when one had sight of the cross-river ferry ready to depart, many drivers put the boot down and residents, including many elderly trying to cross, witnessed high speeds.

Although there was an uncontrolled crossing, Cllr D’Alton said this was really for low-speed, low-traffic locations but this was not the case on the busy regional road through Glenbrook. She asked that it get priority consideration for a full pedestrian crossing.

Pic: Leo McMahon

Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF) concurred, adding that a crossing to replace the uncontrolled done near Bailey’s Lane would be suitable. In addition to houses along the main road, people from Dan Desmond Villas and Canning Place etc also tried to cross there and use the coastal walk. The ferry was part of the issue with speeding also coming from the Monkstown side rushing to turn and join the queue.

Noting the comments, Mr Cogan said he first wanted to see what was happening with the greenway which was progressing. Cllr D’Alton said she understood the review on its route had gone to the consultants and suggested the traffic and transportation section be written to and asked to keep in mind the request for a pedestrian crossing as part of this. This was agreed.

Toureen Terrace

‘That arrangements for car parking opposite Toureen Terrace, Passage West be reviewed with a view to providing badly needed additional parking, giving particular consideration to the removal of the low stone wall beneath the trees so as to facilitate lined, angled parking bays’ was another motion from Cllr D’Alton.

In reply, the engineer reported that cognisance would have to be given to the Town Plan agreed for Passage West. Should MD budgets materialise for such works, the request could be re-examined.

In general, there was a huge deficit of parking for nearby dwellings and the shoreline greenway running parallel in Passage West and this was causing tension on the ground, said Cllr D’Alton. The situation was becoming urgent with a 30kph limit near Toureen Terrace proposed under the Town Plan What she proposed would be a low-cost, low intervention job.

Mr Cogan said he was very happy to meet the councillor on site but said he would oppose vehicles having to reverse out of a parked position onto a regional road. There would have to be parallel parking. He warned that so-called small jobs still required funding from a budget.

Strand Road

Cllr D’Alton’s third motion called on the council to update proposals for slowing traffic on the R610 Strand Road approaching Monkstown village and a timeline for its implementation.

Mr Cogan replied that a notice was advertised and consultation undertaken with all stakeholders. Works were completed within the past two months including a crossing, footpath and line marking. It wasn’t intended to carry out additional works in the near future.

The chairperson said the response didn’t address the issue. There was need to speed limiting sign at the bottom of Hayes’ Lane and for a chicane village near the marina to warn traffic it was nearing a village.

As with Glenbrook, there wasn’t a week that went by that someone didn’t contact her about speeding from Belview Terrace, Strand Road into Monkstown. ‘Residents are genuinely nervous’, she said, adding there had been a scheme separate to the one advertised.

The engineer said he would get more information and get back to the MD.

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