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Urgent Surgery Appeal For Hannah

Writes Leo McMahon

Carrigaline born Ann Hill (nee O’Reilly), is urgently seeking funding to help her 18 years old daughter, Hannah who developed severe, incapacitating jaw pain in October 2018. She is now suffering with degeneration in her jaw joints which has led to her losing jaw function.

The teenager hasn’t been able to eat properly since Christmas 2018 and is surviving on emergency nutrition drinks from her dietician.

Hannah has been bedbound for five months as it is too uncomfortable for her to sit up, walk or stand. Her condition is not well understood in Ireland and the treatment outcomes here are poor, generally involving a lifetime of pain. Despite trying every kind of treatment available over the past eight months, she has deteriorated rapidly.

The only hope Ann has at the moment is to bring Hannah to an oral maxillofacial surgeon in London who is a world leader in jaw joint treatments. He has put forward a plan of surgery and stem cell treatments with the hope of saving Hannah’s jaws so she can live a normal life.

At the moment every day is spent trying to manage Hannah’s pain. ‘It is so hard to see her suffering daily and we need to bring her to London for treatment as soon as we can. We are currently fundraising and are so grateful for any help that anyone can give Hannah’ said Galway based Ann Hill who thanked everyone who has given support to date.

Those wishing to donate for Hannah’s surgery can do so via:

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