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Valleyview Farm Eggs : Bryan Family

Valleyview Farm Eggs

Delicious, Fresh & Local

In recent months the Bryan family from Valleyview Farm in Riverstick have begun to supply select local retail outlets with their own fresh, free range eggs. Delicious, locally produced eggs are guaranteed to be a big hit with consumers.

Valleyview Farm is very much a family enterprise. Jason Bryan, his wife Helga and children Dylan (12), Harry (8) and Holly (7) are all involved in the enterprise. Primarily a wholesale potato producer, Jason also produces a selection of seasonal vegetables, which can be purchased at Valleyview Farm.

However, when it comes to eggs, it’s 12 year old Dylan who got the ball rolling! When he was 8, he asked his parents if he could get some laying hens. Starting off with a small flock of 5, Dylan found that he was producing more eggs than the family needed. It was decided to offer the surplus to their regular customers. As demand grew over the years and the size of the flock increased, Jason decided that it was time to apply for Department of Agriculture approval and he now has a flock of 500 free range hens who, thanks to a mobile housing unit, always have access to fresh pasture, which produce eggs that are significantly more nutritious than more conventionally produced free range eggs.

The good news for consumers is that Valleyview free range eggs are now available at the following outlets:

Flynn’s Centra, Riverstick

Barry Collins SuperValu, Carrigaline

Smith’s SuperValu, Kinsale

Crunch Food Company, Carrigaline

During the school holidays, Dylan is the man in charge of the flock. The hens leave their housing unit around 7.30am and the first egg collection takes place. During the day the hens are free to roam around their field, which has electric fencing to keep the dreaded fox at bay! Although Jason says that wild mink can be an even bigger problem than foxes, as they seem to kill for sport and can decimate a flock. A second egg collection takes place in the evening, before the hens bed down for the night. The recent cold spell caused a few problems for the Bryans. The cold temperatures necessitated egg collection throughout the day to prevent the eggs from getting too cold. The hens themselves quite sensibly stayed in their snug, insulated housing unit until the cold snap passed.

Although Valleyview Farm Eggs have only been available in local retail units for a few weeks, Jason is delighted to report that sales have been very strong. Competitively priced, consumers can be assured that because of the small flock size, Valleyview Farm eggs are also exceptionally fresh.

Should any local retailers wish to stock Valleyview Farm eggs, you can contact Jason on 087 8043008 for further information. And don’t forget, members of the public can purchase Valleyview Farm eggs, along with seasonal veg and farm fresh potatoes direct from the farm in Slieveroe, Riverstick.

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