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52-Seat Bus Secured To Kinsale Community School

Cork based Senator Tim Lombard was delighted to see all the students from Minane Bridge, Nohoval, Ballyfeard, Belgooly, and Riverstick being able to catch the bus to Kinsale this morning. After a vigorous campaign by parents and intense negotiations with the Department of Education and Bus Eireann a 52-seat bus was finally secured to provide much needed school transport for the local area.

Speaking about the additional allocation, Senator Lombard said: “This extra bus was desperately required for the local area; the majority of students requiring school transport were left without bus tickets when the school year started.

“Initially, the additional allocation was for a 36-seat bus but this again left many students stuck without any way of getting to school. Further negotiations have now resulted in funding for the 52-seat bus – a substantial allocation which ensures that all children who required transport from Minane Bridge, Nohoval, Ballyfeard, Belgooly, and Riverstick have a seat on the bus to Kinsale Community School.

“There are a number of other school bus routes which require additional transport, and I am continuing to liaise with Department officials about these local pressure zones.

“While these additional allocations are a very welcome interim solution, they are just that; a temporary solution to a much wider problem. Every year this issue resurfaces and students and parents are left scrambling to find transport to school.

“The School Transport Scheme needs to be completely remodelled as to provide adequate transport for our students, and I will continue campaigning for a review of the current structure.

“This is not just a practical issue about supporting parents and students, it is of huge environmental consequence as well. One school bus has roughly the same emissions as two cars: so today’s allocation has provided up to 95% reduction in carbon emissions for school transport in this one area.

“We need to think communally about our transport needs: the more cars we get off the roads the better, so we need to provide much more school buses.”

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