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Avril Smith Coffee Fundraiser Receives Award

The 24th Annual Avril Smith Coffee Fundraiser for Marymount took place in September, in the RCYC Crosshaven. Though Avril herself sadly passed away earlier in the year, the event was held in her honour and was an enormous success as always.

At the end of September, one of the organisers Fifi Lauhof, received an email from Marymount Hospice saying that the event had been nominated as The Best Long Term Fundraiser and both Fifi and Avril’s daughter Shirley Madden were invited to Bewleys Cafe on Dublin’s Grafton street to receive the award, called Host The Host

Representing the late Avril, Fifi and Shirley were presented with a lovely glass plaque and were treated to a lovely full Irish breakfast.

A couple of weeks ago, Fifi, Sally Pope and Shirley presented a cheque amounting to €6,700 to Jack from the fundraising committee of Marymount. This was the biggest amount that the fundraiser has raised to date.

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