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Buds To Blossoms – A Natural Approach To Better Health For You And Your Baby

Buds To Blossoms – A Natural Approach To Better Health For You And Your Baby Baby Massage Classes Starting 19th October

Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, all parents know the benefits of expert help with your little one. At any point throughout their first year babies, (and indeed their parents!) can experience difficulties. Baby Massage is an excellent way of helping to strengthen the bond between parent and child and to help with the myriad discomforts and disruptions that the wee ones can experience. Judy Howard from Currabinny initially trained as a massage therapist and reflexologist. A mother of 4, after her youngest daughter started primary school, Judy decided to train as an Infant Massage Instructor and is a member of the International Association of Infant Massage and Baby Massage Ireland.

For many years now Judy has held Baby Massage classes in her home in Currabinny, as well as making home visits. Last month, Judy held her first series of Baby Massage Classes in the Lions Club Youth Centre in Carrigaline to great success and a second 5-week session will begin on the 19th October next. Participants have reported fantastic results for both parent and child, including a chance for new parents to meet up and enjoy some adult company for a change!

The five-week course costs €120 and participants can claim up to €100 back on their health insurance, depending on their policy. In addition Cuidiu members are entitled to a discount.

Each week, Judy concentrates on a different area for massage, as well as teaching relaxation techniques for parents and encouraging parents to sing and talk to their little ones. After a break for a cuppa and some of Judy and her daughter Hannah’s delicious homemade treats, the session finishes with more instruction. Participants have reported that the sessions are extremely worthwhile, as the following testimonies show:

“Judy is a fantastic teacher, mentor and all round lovely person. We looked forward to massage every week and will miss it now that it is over. It is more than just a massage class, Judy takes time to see how everyone is getting on with their little ones and is encouraging and supportive… definitely would recommend this to anyone with a baby!!!” Sarah.

“Had an absolutely amazing 5 weeks and such a great time with a fantastic group of mommies. Time went too quickly!!! Highly recommend the course though. Many thanks to Judy and Hannah for the treats”. Jennifer

Benefits Of Baby Massage Touch is one of the most significant and nurturing early experiences your baby will have. Research has shown that these early experiences can affect many aspects of our lives. Nurturing touch has long-term benefits and can impact how we think, feel, and relate to others, Infant massage greatly enhances the early bonding relationship between parents and caregivers and their babies. By using gentle, tactile stimulation along with loving verbal communication, a wonderful bonding experience is shared. Strokes can be either stimulating or relaxing, depending on your baby’s needs and developmental level. Infant Massage benefits your baby in the following specific ways: Helping with sleep, teething, bonding, relief of colic/wind and lots of fun for all involved.

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