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Call For Improved Parking In Myrtleville

Writes Leo McMahon

Improved public parking and a toilet for summer 2020 at Myrtleville near Crosshaven were requested in a motion from Cllr Audrey Buckley (FF) at the recent meeting of Cork County Council’s Carrigaline Municipal District (MD).

These were necessary, she stated, due to the increasing popularity of the seaside resort. She also referred to a chip van parked most of the summer but not open very often, which apparently couldn’t be moved because there were no casual trading by-laws and no double yellow lines.

In reply, senior executive engineer Madeleine Healy said that while appreciating the frustration of residents, the council was very limited in what it could do. It was a small area but it hoped as part of works on the road in 2020, to define it better for parking. If double yellow lines were put down where the chip van was located, no one could park there but it might be possible to do something at the junction.

She further stated that the area was previously marked out for parking, including a disabled space and overall it was a confined public space popular for two to three months a year.

Cathaoirleach Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF) agreed with Cllr Buckley that the position of the chip van near the corner posed a safety issue for people waiting outside it.

Cllr Aidan Lombard (FG) concurred but pointed out that when the Kinsale-Bandon MD office delivered a portable toilet to Myrtleville in summer 2018, some residents wouldn’t let it out of the truck. Cllr Buckley however said some residents had asked her to get a temporary toilet for next summer.

There was also a motion from Cllr Buckley that because of the lack of footpaths in rural areas, the council come up with a plan to make sure landowners and the local authority do a proper cut before the nesting season and again in September when children are walking to schools.

Ms Healy replied that the council advertised every September reminding landowners of their responsibility and also issued notices. It would never be in a position to cut every hedge but concentrated on areas where there were safety issues and cut verges. Some cutting of hedges was also carried out under the Town Approaches Scheme. Specific issues could be referred to the area offices.

Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) had a motion asking that councillors be presented with the Fort Camden, Crosshaven Masterplan.

MD officer Noelle Desmond replied that consultants were looking at this and identified further scoping works that were required. Once there was something concrete back, the consultants would be invited to a MD meeting because it was a priority.

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