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Can Traffic Flow Be Improved At Busy Carrigaline Junction?

Can Traffic Flow Be Improved At Busy Carrigaline Junction? Writes Leo McMahon

Measures to relieve traffic congestion at the junction of Bothar Guidel and Church (Currabinny) Road were urged in a motion from Cllr. Seamus McGrath (FF) at the monthly meeting of Cork County Council’s Carrigaline-Ballincollig Municipal District. ‘There are serious tailbacks travelling northbound in the morning from Crosshaven Road and the reverse in the evening with tailbacks also on the Church Road’, he stated. ‘I understand an assessment is taking place and I believe there are improvements that can be done because the junction badly needs physical work to improve traffic flow.’ He recommended: The right hand turning lane for Church Road coming from Crosshaven Road to be lengthened and the kerb moved in so that more Cork bound traffic can drive through. Extend the double entry lane from Crosshaven Road approaching the roundabout by Lidl to improve the flow of traffic going into Lidl or on to Strand Road and Carrigaline town centre. Lengthen the left hand lane from Church Road into Bothar Guidel at the playground corner because on many evenings there is a tailback going back to beyond Waterpark entrance. ‘I don’t think huge funding is required for these and other physical changes but they could have a major impact on improving traffic flow,’ Cllr. McGrath added. ‘The Council has done everything it possibly can to make sure the traffic lights are working as efficiently as they can. We have tried different modifications to optimize through traffic at the junction but the basic problem is that volumes have increased hugely in the last two years,’ replied senior executive engineer Ms. Madeleine Healy, who pointed out that an external study was under way on this and other areas of Carrigaline. Speaking also from her own observations of the junction, Ms. Healy said that coming from Crosshaven Road, right turning traffic got priority when the lights went green with a minimum ten vehicles getting through, thereby enabling more straight on vehicles to get through. What could be done on the Crosshaven Road was limited due to pinch points while few cars turned left from Church Road and it would be expensive to re-set into the community park. Cllr McGrath asked that the traffic and transportation section be contacted to find out when the report would be ready. ‘Absolutely shocking’ was how Cllr McGrath, in another motion, described the condition of the car park at Carrigaline Community Centre. Municipal District Officer, Mr. Kevin O’Donovan said money had been set aside but it wasn’t known when works by Irish Water for Cork Harbour Main Drainage Scheme there would be carried out. Ms. Healy replied that the works would be mainly to the rear of the building but would involve construction vehicles going through the front car park. However, she agreed the main car park surface was very poor and said some temporary patching in the short term could be carried out.

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