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Carrigaline Basketball Club Clean Up Of Graveyard

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

This is bigger than Basketball!

On Thursday evening, July 21st, a group of coaches, players, parents, guardians, and friends came together for an evening.

Not for the cut and thrust of a championship match or to discuss plans for next season, but to pull together and take on a project to give back a little to the community that they proudly represent and has been so good to them.

Carrigaline Basketball club are in the process of an organised clean-up of the old graveyard on Church Road. The first evening of the clean-up took place on Thursday (July 21st) – there was a real buzz in the air and even in that first 2-hour burst of activity there was a massive visible impact. An extra session was held on July 28th with the target of completing the job. Organisers also thanked members of Carrigaline Scouts who helped on the night.

Especially at a community level, sport is as much about training for life as anything else, and a big part of this is learning to give back and pay forward. It’s clear that girls and boys of Carrigaline Basketball Club are taking this to heart. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!

The club would like to thank Shane Piper of Cork County Council for his great collaboration in making this event possible and Paul Harrington of the Order of Malta for being on hand to ensure the wellbeing of all participants on the evening.

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