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Carrigaline Man In TV3’s ‘Paramedics’

Carrigaline Man In TV3’s ‘Paramedics’

In episode one, the HSE National Ambulance Service in Cork responds to an emergency on top of Blarney Castle when an American tourist collapses. They’re the people we hope never to need, but when an emergency occurs, they’re all we depend on. All New ‘Paramedics’ starts next Wednesday (9th November) at 8.30pm on TV3 Following the hugely successful first series, TV3’s critically acclaimed Paramedics returns to our screens for a brand new second series next Wednesday 9th November. Paramedics goes behind the scenes with the HSE National Ambulance Service, giving viewers a keen insight into the role of the people we hope never to need: Ireland’s frontline emergency medical service. Paramedics gains unprecedented access on board the National Aeromedical Service, which responds to calls across the entire island of Ireland. In this brand new second series, we’ll witness ambulance crews as they tackle heroin overdoses, suicide attempts, trips, falls, cardiac arrests, dealing with death and imminent baby deliveries. In episode one, we head to Cork and see Advanced Paramedic Peter Delea and Paramedic Ger O’Dea from Cork City Ambulance Base in action. We see the highs and lows of their job, when an American tourist collapses on the very top of Blarney Castle. The Paramedic crew face a daunting task in getting her down from the precarious edge of the medieval castle. “Anytime we get a call to Blarney in the middle of the summer it’s for a tourist. Blarney Castle is narrow on the staircases, so this creates a huge problem trying to get someone out of the castle” says Peter. Then, from car crashes to cardiac arrests, we meet the call takers, who handle the thousands of panicked 999 calls for help, across the country, in a life changing medical emergency, every day. We also see the Rapid Response motorbike in action, when a family bicycle carriage, carrying a mother and her three small children overturns on a busy road. Tune in to TV3 on Wednesday (9th November) at 8.30pm to see Peter in action.

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