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Carrigaline Man Reaches 1 Million Views

Carrigaline rapper and writer Maurice Coveney Jnr, AKA, 'The Assassin', recently reached a milestone on his YouTube channel. Maurice's channel which is approaching 6 thousand subscribers has reached over one million views.

The channel has gained a lot of fans from Ireland, England, America, Australia, India and many more countries. Maurice does vlogs and reviews different books and products and has his own official music videos on the channel.

Maurice also has a big following for his ‘Horror Stories Animated’ which he writes, animates and narrates and also collaborates with other narrators and writers in Scotland and the US.

Maurice's album ‘This Is Who I Am’ is now available to buy on Amazon and all good online music stores and also streaming on Spotify. The CD will be released very soon.

Maurice says he is also working on his debut crime thriller, ‘Project Calm’ at the moment. Maurice says: "I'm just finishing my 4th draft and then there will be maybe another draft and editing, a few tweeks here and there and hopefully it will be ready to be published".

Speaking about his Youtube Channel, Maurice says: "I always loved creating stuff, whether it's music, writing, drawing etc. When I was small I used to actually pretend to own my own channel and that's the game I used to play as a little kid when I was acting etc., so it's great now that I have my youtube channel and people are supporting me.

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