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Carrigaline Man Wins €35,000 On Winning Streak

Carrigaline Man Wins €35,000 On Winning Streak

Carrigaline man Kevin Meade won €35,000 on Saturday’s Winning Streak show. 59 year old Kevin lives with his wife Mary. The pair originally met while working in a local pottery in Carrigaline but romance only blossomed some years later after Mary moved on from the factory. The couple have now been married for 14 years and Kevin admits that he has never been as happy in all of his life.

Kevin refused to believe that he had been selected as a contestant for the Winning Streak Gameshow and believed that the National Lottery officials who confirmed the news to him were a group of friends playing a practical joke. Kevin is the second oldest of three brothers and two sisters and his parents Gerry (85) and Bridie (83) were supporting him in RTÉ studio last Saturday.

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