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Carrigaline St.Patrick’s Day Parade Re-Scheduled For April 23rd

There was much disappointment following the lack of a St.Patrick’s Day Parade in Carrigaline this year. There is good news, however, for residents, business owners and the general public following an announcement from Carrigaline Business Association and Carrigaline Community Association that a re-scheduled Carrigaline St Patrick’s Day parade will take place on Sunday, April 23rd. “We just couldn’t let this pass”, said a representative of Carrigaline Business Association, “the widespread disappointment when no parade materialised on St. Patrick’s Day was enough of a motivation for us to fix a re-scheduled parade”, he continued. April 23rd, as it happens, is also St George’s Day, the feast day of the patron saint of England. Not wanting to dismiss the co-incidence of dates, however, parade organisers are asking participants and spectators to embrace the theme of St. George’s day. “We want participants and spectators alike to bring along Union Jacks and wear any English themed dress they can think of. Why not embrace our nearest neighbours? It’s important to show them our support as they’re going through a hard time with Brexit”, said the Carrigaline Business Association representative.

For more information on the Carrigaline St. Patrick’s Day parade, email:

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