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Climate Change – The Challenge for Carrigaline

Pic Adrian O'Herlihy

Writes Anne Garvin

A public meeting was hosted by Carrigaline Community Association to address the issue of Climate Change, on Monday, January 27th.

Michael Wall Chairperson of the Carrigaline Community Association opened the meeting by asking if we can make Carrigaline a Green Town. The meeting was held to see if we can get people interested in helping us to put together a group to assist with this. There is financial grants/assistance available locally in Ireland and the EU.

Dr. Joanne O’Sullivan offered those attending to leave their email contact information to receive a PDF file on Green information, she introduced the guest speakers who would be giving information on 4 different aspects of Climate Change.

Aoife Dean – UCC – Communication & Public Engagement – spoke on ‘One Green Village’ and renewable energy. She gave examples of changing weather patterns, life cycle changes in plants and animals, rising sea levels, air pollution and effects on corals and sea life. We must prepare for these changes.

Eleanor Lehane – Cork County Council – Waste Management – Moving towards a Zero waste society. awareness on recycling. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Repair items rather than buying new. A stop food waste campaign would be good for Carrigaline.

Dr. Dara FitzPatrick – UCC – Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry spoke on Biodiversity. The earth has gone from 1 billion people in 1700 to over 7 billion people now. Reduction in forests i.e for palm oil (do we need so much) and the loss of millions of species of animals. He spoke on The Bride Project (Biodiversity Regeneration – farming with Nature) in north Cork and west Waterford. Advised not to mow or use chemicals in your garden.

Conn Donovan – Cork Trees Trust – spoke on Transportation and Forestation. Look at the car and the carbon footprint. Set up more Cork cycling campaigns.


Why are we cutting down so many trees? Bypass of Carrigaline and a one-way system needed to improve traffic flow. Cycle Lanes need work – a budget available – ask politicians how to available of this.

Waste disposal – can each estate/area have a central collection – many waste companies making money at a cost to our environment. Waste companies privatised and not run by Cork County Council. A decision to work together to improve changes to make a Green Carrigaline by forming a body where all neighbours sign up a local collection area.

Community Allotments were started in Carrigaline with great support but closed due to loss of land and despite looking - no new land has become available. SECAD – My Town, My Planning meetings ongoing. Be mindful of how other things may affect Climate Change like the fashion industry.

Community based initiatives are important, we all need to work together and start now to change things for the future. The feeling was it was time to move to the next stage and organise a Climate Change group to go forward. Interested persons should make contact with the Carrigaline Community Association.

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