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Cork County Council publishes plans for new Carrigaline Public Realm and Waterfront Plan

Today, Cork County Council has published plans for the new Carrigaline Public Realm and Waterfront Plan.

The development will take place between the R611 and the R612, encompassing part of the Owenabue River and the parking area of the existing shopping centre.

The proposed new Carrigaline Public Realm

The proposal is for the construction of a new public open space, including a plaza, pavilions, biodiversity/pollinator planting, open green spaces, and seating area.

The proposed development consists of the following:

  • Environmental improvement works and enhancement of public realm and outdoor living to provide a ‘civic identity to the new public realm strongly connected with the water and the river ecology’.

  • New waterfront public space (reclaimed from the existing car park) will encourage community activities and connection to the water.

  • Enhanced public space to include inclusive street furniture (universal), waterfront seating, rain gardens, trees and shrubs and a covered pavilion.

  • High quality urban design and material finishes are proposed including Biodiversity/Pollinator Planting and Sustainable Urban Drainage systems.

  • Enhanced pedestrian connectivity and accessibility.

  • A multifunctional Public Pavilion will provide a sheltered performance stage for community events, connected to the waterfront.

  • Upgrade of public lighting and other ancillary works.

  • Additional car parking near the Bóthar Guidel entrance to replace parking reclaimed from the existing Owenabue car park.

  • Alteration of entrance to the carpark at Bóthar Guidel to increase pedestrian safety.

Plans and particulars may be inspected by appointment with a member of Cork County Council’s staff on 021 4371800 or by email to

Plans and Particulars of the proposed development may be inspected for a period of (not less than) 4 weeks from 29/09/2023 during public opening hours at the offices listed above, Monday - Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm.

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