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Cork to Kinsale Greenway a Step Closer

Updated: Jun 27

(J J Hurley)

The recent consultation process for a greenway between Cork and Kinsale, which Arup Consultants carried out, has published its results. 

The findings on the engagement process with the public reveal a significant level of interest, with 245 submissions received for the initiative.

Reacting to its consultation process, the report recorded, 'There was high-quality engagement from the public and a general desire for the Greenway to happen as soon as possible.'

Of those submitting to the process, the highest category for use was recreational, with 92% making it their number one priority.

Interestingly, men dominated the process, accounting for 64% of those completing submissions.

For those age categories most engaging with the report's authors, those over 35 had shown the most significant interest in the project.  

Of primary concern to those wishing to see the plan advance, 84% had safety as the number one priority for any future project. 

In addition to the detailed statistics on the consultation process, the report also published several sample submissions.

'I've used both Irish and European Greenways extensively. Once in place, and especially once they reach critical mass, the use and benefits are enormous. Tourism aside (and that would be huge), the ability for younger and older people to commute, exercise and meet would be fantastic,' remarked one contributor.

For more details on Phase 1 of the consultation process, log onto .

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