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Councillor Calls for Letter to Garda Commissioner Following Anti-Social Behaviour

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Councillor Audrey Buckley (FF) in a motion at Monday’s Carrigaline LEA Municipal District (MD) meeting called on her fellow members to come together as one MD and agree to write to the Garda Commissioner over the need for more Garda resources in the Crosshaven area.

The motion came in light of some recent anti-social behaviour, which included underage drinking and littering on the beaches of Crosshaven. Councillor Buckley said in the Council Chamber that “it was not fair on local residents who are taking it upon themselves to clean up the mess that is being left behind”.

She then went on to explain that particularly in reference to Church Bay, (where a lot of these problems have occurred) many attempts have been made in the past by approaching the Gardaí but that nothing has ever happened to solve the problem.

In support was Councillor Ben Dalton O’Sullivan (Ind), who commended Councillor Buckley for bringing forward the motion and likewise praised the efforts of residents who always do their best to clean up the area even though it should not be their responsibility. He went on to say, “I would welcome any communication with the Garda Commissioner for the Crosshaven and greater Carrigaline area. This is a huge issue and it’s well-known that there are very little resources in the area, so as I said I welcome the motion.”

Church Bay, Crosshaven.

Following up Cllr Dalton O’Sullivan also asked for a clarification in bylaws and wondered if there were any in existence that could help the MD take action themselves. In response outgoing MD Officer, Kevin O’Regan said that it was solely a Garda issue and not the Municipal Districts.

Coming in on this was Councillor Marcia D’Alton (Ind),who said that previously on Passage Town Council, where she and Councillor Seámus McGrath(FF) sat for a number of years, they enacted a by-law which banned people from drinking alcohol in public places.

Mr. O’Regan said that this may have been the case but nevertheless the law had to be enforced by Gardaí. There was however a consensus in the Chamber that anti-social behaviour was an issue at this time of the year, with many young people accessing Crosshaven via the 220 bus and bringing alcohol with them.

Councillor Buckley also referred to a recent incident where a car had been set fire in Crosshaven, which was believed to be anti-social linked. Councillor McGrath also supported the motion from his colleague saying that it was well-known that the lack of a Garda presence in Crosshaven and the wider LEA was a serious issue. He agreed that the Garda Commissioner should be approached and he also recommended that the Chief Superintendent should also be notified with their concerns. 

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