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Fr. Con Passes On The Kindness

When much-beloved local priest Fr. Con Cronin’s wallet was stolen in September, but later found with his money missing, including funds for an upcoming pilgrimage to Medjugorje on Tuesday 10th September, community members sprung into action to help him. Collection boxes were placed in the Passage West Post Office, The Farmers Pub, The Criterion, Akkaya Barbers and Baigs Shop to help the priest who became a viral sensation earlier this year for ‘flossing’ on the altar after a Holy Communion Mass.

In an inspiring show of solidarity and kindness, the Passage West community managed to gather an astounding €3,500 to reimburse Fr. Con and last week, Fr. Con passed on the very kindly donated money to two wonderful charities. Marymount Hospital and Hospice, as well as St. Vincent de Paul, received cheques for €1,500 each. Well done to Fr. Con and to all who donated and made this possible.

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