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High Speed Broadband For Minane Bridge

High Speed Broadband For Minane Bridge Writes Jack White

Minane Bridge is set to benefit from high-speed broadband following the announcement that the exchange in Minane Bridge has been fibre enabled, which means that premises within the required 1.5km distance that are served by the exchange can now access a high speed fibre broadband network. With speeds up to 1Gbs, approximately 140 premises around Minane will benefit from this development, which comes as a great boost for the local community. Speaking on the development, Senator Tim Lombard said, “As a resident of Minane Bridge I can say that this is of huge benefit to our community. We are a largely farming community, and modern day technology and connectivity is crucial for development and survival of our livelihoods”. As part of its 300K rural extension Eir is rolling out in a number of other areas in Cork, enabling a high speed fibre broadband network by the end of 2016 for many more Cork residents and businesses. “This is great news for Cork residents”, says Lombard, “modern and reliable broadband has been highlighted by the Government as crucial for the progression of modern-day Ireland, for both residential and commercial premises”. Concluding, Senator Lombard said, “As a member of the Joint committee on Communications, Climate Change & Natural Resources I am pleased with the ongoing improvements being made with regard to broadband connectivity in rural Ireland. It is crucial for the development and modernisation of our rural communities and businesses that fast and reliable broadband be accessible for all citizens and businesses no matter their location”.

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