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Kinsale has mixed voter turnout

JJ Hurley




Voting in the greater Kinsale area looks to be something of a mixed bag as polling stations called time at 10 pm.




With a turnout of 50% in the last local election in the area, tonight, some of the polling stations, including the Temperance Hall and Belgooly, looked like struggling to reach similar numbers this time out.




At 7.30 pm, one box in Belgooly recorded a 34% turnout, but the anticipated late surge could potentially boost this figure.

David and Peig Allen voting in Belgooly this evening.




There were no such issues with voter turnout in Riverstick, as those manning the ballot papers reported a healthy 50% turnout at 8 pm.




It is not a surprising figure as it is the home base for Cllr Alan Coleman, who is expected to lead the charge in claiming the top position in the ballot returns in Clonakilty tomorrow.




Summercove NS did not have any percentage figures available, but the officers attending reported that the station had been 'tipping' away all day.




One of the biggest centres for voting was that of the Temperance Hall, with a surprising figure of only 38% having ventured to cast their ballot by 8.15 pm.




There was no absence of voters from the Kinsale rural area, with over a 50% return recorded by 8.30 pm. 



 The impressive turnout will be scrutinised with some interest when the boxes are opened tomorrow.




 Dunderrow polling station also had been busy over the day, recording a 50% turnout with a little over an hour to go before closing. 




Interpreting the turnout will come with a government health warning, but the large turnouts in Riverstick, Kinsale Rural and Dunderrow would suggest a good day for Cllr Alan Coleman.



Also benefiting should be local Cllr Marie O'Sullivan and John Collins. 





As for any surprise candidate, the lack of a significant turnout in Kinsale could spell trouble for the newer candidates



The other common narrative from the polling station was that fewer young people were turning out to use their franchise.  




Again, this is all speculation, and the only accurate result will come late in the Clonakilty Community Centre as the returning officer delivers the results on Saturday evening.

Mary Moloney and Daniel O'Brien manning the polling station in Riverstick






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