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Meet The Candidate:Cllr Audrey Buckley, Fianna Fáil


About me:I’ve been a volunteer since I moved back home Crosshaven  from the United States 18 years ago. I have volunteered with Crosshaven Tidy Towns and Crosshaven Development Committee, for over 17years. I served as the chair for eight years for both and stepped down upon becoming a Councillor. I am one of the founding volunteers for Templebreedy Save Our Steeple, a group of volunteers that worked to bring St Matthew’s Church and Templebreedy Graveyard back into use. During my work to bring the church and graveyard back to use, I spearheaded a biodiversity project in the graveyard, introducing goats and sheep to bring it back into use. The graveyard has a storied history, with many graves dating from the middle to late 18 century uncovered. Templebreedy Save Our Steeple recently has received €29,700 in investment from the Community Monuments Fund. I also work closely with local community groups in the Carrigaline Municipal District, including Tidy Towns groups.


Journey to Politics:

I was elected in 2019 to Cork County Council, and since then I have been working hard for my constituents. Living in the area with my family, as a 3rd generation resident, this gives me great understanding of the many challenges and opportunities facing our community. I strongly believe in the positive power of local communities. As someone who has been involved with many local community groups for over 18 years. I have worked tirelessly to deliver the €1.2 million upgrade to roads and wastewater services at Graball Bay  Crosshaven. I am continuing my work on  phase 2 of this project, focusing on getting the required funding from the €50 million national untreated rural wastewater fund to complete the project. 

Cllr. Audrey Buckley


On improving funding for local voluntary groups:

“I am committed to community & voluntary groups” Audrey explained. Supporting local community groups and sports organisations to access grants for updating and obtaining more amenities is at the core of Audrey’s work since she was first elected in 2019. If re-elected she promises to continue working on behalf of these groups to ensure their voices are heard.


On the environment:

A key focus of Audrey’s is coastal erosion, “This is an enormous and emerging issue for our local coastal areas, I am placing a priority on being a gatekeeper, while protecting and maintaining our areas. We need greater resources to protect our coastline and enhance public infrastructure and protect areas from being over developed.” Committed to protecting our environment, Audrey is a member of the first coastal group in the area and has assisted other groups & schools over the years to get involved with Litter Picking and protecting our coastline and walks. “I will continue to advocate for “Green Initiatives” throughout our communities, like solar bins, return bottle scheme and community electric EV charging points” Audrey said.


On improving local amenities:

“If elected I promise to be an advocate for core services and amenities in our areas. The lack of a reliable public transport has been a concern for constituents and I am dedicated to securing a more reliable and more efficient Bus Eireann App/Realtime & Bus Shelters”. Audrey is campaigning for greater security and protection for the community. “I want to highlight rural issues around Garda Station opening hours & obtaining more gardai to be stationed in Carrigaline and Crosshaven.


Why should you vote for me:

Crosshaven did not have a local Cllr for 50years before I was elected in 2019, We see how important it is to have a person living in the area who will have a strong voice for the community within the council. As a community volunteer for over 18years myself , within Crosshaven Development/Tidy Towns/Association & Templebreedy SOS . It is important to have existing links within the community , engaging and networking ideas for the community.


Constituents can contact Cllr. Audrey Buckley on any local issues by email at or by mobile 0861257512



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