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Money For South Cork Towns

Money Money Money!

Local Projects Will Benefit From 2018 Town Improvements Fund.

Writes Leo McMahon

At the recent the monthly meeting of Cork County Council’s Carrigaline-Ballincollig Municipal District (MD), MD officer Kevin O’Regan circulated proposals for the 2018 Town Development Fund (TDF) which will benefit Douglas, Ringaskiddy, Carrigaline and Passage West.

The proposals will result in extra spending for: St Patrick’s Day Parades, €12,500: Carrigaline (€5,500), Douglas (€3,500) and Ballincollig (€3,500).

Christmas lights, €13,000: Carrigaline (€2,500); Passage West (€2,000), Douglas (€3,000), Togher (€1,500) and Ballincollig (€4,000).

Street signage €10,000.

Twinnings (3,500).

Painting Scheme (€20,000) to include Ringaskiddy for the first time.

Environmental improvements, additional weed spraying on lesser approach roads etc €10,000.

Public lighting supplement: €20,000.

Mr. O’Regan said the possible TDF total for 2018 was €76,500 but there was a potential further €52,000 in the MD budget plus a €34,234 carry over from the 2017 TDF.

Additional money should be allocated for environmental works such as verge cutting along important link roads, said Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF).

The MD officer said he was in discussion with the Traffic and Transportation section on use of the Douglas pay parking dividend and suggested €25,000 be allocated to supplement the existing €48,000 in order to provide a significant budget for a project in the village area such as footpath work.

Cllr Deirdre Forde (FG) said she was ‘orgasmic’ over the news that Douglas village stood to get up to €80,000 and urged other works, such as additional plant tubs and furniture, to enhance the village streetscape.

She repeated her call for undergrounding of lighting at Douglas West and weed spraying along walls such as Shamrock Lawn.

Cllr Marcia D’Alton (Ind) concurred and urged consultation with Douglas people. She urged attention to ‘desperately littered’ roads under environmental improvements linking Passage West, Monkstown and Carrigaline.

In reply to Cllr D’Alton who questioned the need to spray the entire grass verge entering Passage West which left it brown for the summer, senior executive engineer Madeline Healy said the council office would need clarification as to spraying kerbs and paths only or verges as well on approach roads that can grow wild and may never get cut.  Such work, she added, was weather dependent and difficult to deal with.


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