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Obituary: Mr Edward Buckley – Crosshaven

Crosshaven RFC Legend Passes On

Writes Jack White

Crosshaven Rugby Football Club legend, Mr. Edward Buckley Snr was buried on Monday, following his death at the weekend after a period of illness.

Edward or Eddie (AKA Jack Palance), was one of the longest standing members of Crosshaven RFC and served as Club President eight times. Much loved as he was in Crosshaven RFC, Eddie was first and foremost a loving husband and family man, as two of his children, Audrey and Simon outlined in the eulogy at Monday’s funeral Mass.

Whether it was as a member, or indeed at any time he served as President of Crosshaven RFC, Eddie was never one to sit back. He was always the first one to put the shoulder to the wheel and get the work done, whatever that work would be. This work rate was not exclusive to the club, it was a reflection of a part of his character that saw him build a successful sporting, business and family life. Whatever else we were privileged to learn from Eddie over the years, work rate was one his most honourable traits.

Eddie was a loyal and dedicated member of Crosshaven RFC, the personal sacrifices he made to ensure the club thrived were nothing short of remarkable. He put his time, thoughts, money and heart into the club for many years and his unrivalled, sharp mind always ensured that the “things you wouldn’t think of”, were thought of and looked after.

As a young man of 19, Eddie approached me and asked me, in his own often gruff and unique way, to come on to the club’s committee as PRO. ‘We need a bit of publicity” he said, “you’re to come up to the AGM and we’ll put you in as PRO”. It was probably an order rather than a request coming from Eddie, but it was one I had the sense to take and in the five or six years following that that I worked with him on committee level, in different roles, including when I became Club Chairman, a role in which he supported me wholeheartedly. We’d be on the phone, often daily, discussing what needed to be done in the club, from grass cutting, to banking to maintenance of the gym, there was always something we’d be working at. It was a pleasure and an experience to see how he approached even the most difficult of tasks. We always got it done, one way or another.

Eddie saw the highs and lows of Crosshaven RFC over the years, from wins to demotions and everything in between, but whatever the atmosphere, he soldiered on. He was an ever present source of stability.

The club bestowed the ultimate honour on Eddie in April, inducting him as the inaugural member of the club’s Hall of Fame.

Condolences to Eddie’s wife, Eiblish, his children, grand-children and many, many friends.

Eddie was a special man, a unique character and a great influence whom we were privileged to know. He’ll be sadly missed.

Rest In Peace.

Pic: Pictured in 2012, announcing details of the Crosshaven Rugby Club Golden Oldies Festival were Joe Drennan, Moss Barry Snr and Eddie Buckley Snr.

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