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Parents To Decide Who Runs New Carrigaline School

Parents To Decide Who Runs New Carrigaline School

Cork South-Central TD Simon Coveney has said parents will get to choose who runs the new school announced by the government for Carrigaline.

42 new schools have been announced by the government with a new 16 class primary school to open in Carrigaline in 2020.

It is not yet known where the new school will be located.

The Tanaiste says it is important for the local community to secure this school given the amount of growth in Carrigaline, “This is yet another recognition of the size of Carrigaline and the need for investment in education for our community.”

One of the key things to be determined with the new school is if it should see education in Irish or English and who should have patronage.

Simon Coveney says parents have an important voice in these decisions, “Parental preference has become a key factor in granting the patronage of new schools and I’m pleased to see that this will be the case here in Carrigaline too.”

“I have been asking the Department of Education about how the assessment will proceed and their officials tell me the Minister will invite interested school patrons to apply for governance of the school. This process will take into account the other schools in the area and their waiting lists to see where demand is highest.”

Simon Coveney says this is the point at which parents will be asked what they want for the area,

“A parental preference system has been in place since 2011 and we have learned from past rounds. Parents will be able to see online who wants to run the new school and there will also be background information and research material for the parents to help them make a choice. They will then do so confidentially to the Department.”

Also speaking on the announcement, Cllr Seamus McGrath (FF) said, “As a Public Representative, you always want to welcome investment in your area, but I think this announcement does raise a number of questions. Obviously, we have the new Education Campus at Ballinrea which is due to open at the end of 2019 and will accommodate three schools, including the relocation of the Gaelscoil. There is a question about what will happen the existing Gaelsoil site and the Department has not addressed this question. It seems this new school is to be on a new site which I presume is at the Janeville development given that the zoning allows for a primary school in the long term. It must also be pointed out that existing schools in Carrigaline need investment and the Department has not committed to this. I think my overriding concern is the need for urgent investment in road and pedestrian infrastructure. We have seen examples in Carrigaline where new schools have not brought about the necessary investment in infrastructure and those mistakes cannot be repeated again”.


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