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Passage Community Spirit Rallied To Help Fr. Con

Writes Nicola Depuis

When much beloved local priest Fr. Con Cronin’s wallet was stolen last week, but later found with his money missing, including funds for an upcoming pilgrimage to Medjugorje on Tuesday 10th September, community members sprang into action to help him.

Collection boxes were placed in The Passage West Post Office, the Farmers Pub, The Criterion, Akkaya Barbers and Baigs Shop to help the priest who became a viral sensation earlier this year for ‘flossing’ on the alter after a Holy Communion Mass.

Raising awareness of the fundraiser on the Facebook group Passage West Discussion Group – Past & Present, Mary Foley wrote: ‘If we do nothing else please take the time to remind him that this is not who we are. That cowardly act is not who the people of Passage West are.’

Responding to this, other members of the community lavished praise on Fr. Con for his wonderful work. One member of the group spoke of how he visited her in hospital with Sister Rosarie, while another responded with:

‘I am shocked and saddened to think some person could do this to such a gent. Fr Con I hope you know how much the community in Passage West respect and care for you. You have been a breath of fresh air since you arrived seven years ago and I hope you know that this one individual does not represent us as a community. Would be delighted to donate to such a gent.’ Another local described Fr. Con as the man who ‘has restored my faith in God. Such a good human being. Fr. Con, more than anyone, deserves some good luck’.

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