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Pet Of The Week

Writes Nicola Depuis

Bala Blue

Meet Bala Blue. This two-year-old wonderful whippet was in the care of H.A.R.T. (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) when the 1st Great Global Greyhound Walk was organised in Cork city in 2018. H.A.R.T. co-founder, Colette O’Callaghan, and Bala’s foster mother at the time, Doreen Barry, decided to bring Bala along to introduce her to her fellow sighthounds and luckily they did, because it was on that day that Bala met her forever family – her new moms Margarita O’Regan-Deane and I, and her new sister Sherry Bear, a three-year-old lurcher who had been adopted from D.A.W.G. (Dog Action Welfare Group) two years earlier. We fell instantly in love with her. Bala was initially offered a home with a different family but thankfully that didn’t work out, and it wasn’t long before she arrived at our door with her tail tucked between her legs and those soulful eyes gazing up at us for love. Bala was very nervous at the start and had severe separation anxiety. She didn’t trust easily but it was clear she was bursting with love. Her sister Sherry helped calm her anxiety and after getting used to us coming and going, she soon settled in and knew she had found her forever home in Passage West. Since then, we’ve adopted a greyhound called Spirit and while initially, they weren’t sure about each other, now they’re the best of friends. Statistics have shown that black dogs are the least likely to be adopted, but as a family with two black dogs, we have no idea why. Both Bala Blue and Spirit are such loving, clever, easy-going dogs.

Bala is so playful and while Sherry taught Bala how to relax into her new life, Bala taught Sherry Bear and Spirit how to play. They love nothing more than chasing each other around the house and robbing teddy bears off each other. The name Bala is Sanskrit for ‘young’ and this suits her perfectly as she has such a loving, childlike heart. We then added the second name Blue as, being big fans of Jurassic World, we couldn’t help but see similarities between Bala and the smart female velociraptor in the movie, especially when it comes to Bala’s unprovoked attacks on her soft banana teddy. Bala melts the heart of everyone who meets her. She’s not as independent as her two sisters, and she still needs a lot of reassurances, but she makes us laugh every day and she gives the best cuddles. However, don’t ever expect her to go outside to pee at night when it’s winter. With so little blubber to keep her warm, she is in every sense of the word a house dog!

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