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Pet of The Week

Writes Nicola Depuis


Meet Blackie. This gorgeous five-year-old terrier was adopted by Davina Caulfield and her family in Glanmire from a friend who could no longer keep her due to personal circumstances. Their first family dog, Davina says ‘Blackie’s a dotey pet, a lovely dog and perfect for kids’. Although Davina has had dogs before, this is her husband John‘s first dog but it wasn’t long before they bonded and now ‘they hang out every evening in the front room’.

Passage locals may know Davina from teaching the Talking Kids Speech & Drama classes in Passage West every Saturday as well as Drama classes for adults at the Cork College of Commerce. Davina describes Blackie as being ‘very quiet and gentle and can be nervous. She’s an old soul. She doesn’t like it when we leave but she gets very excited when we come home.

She hates noise and bites the post when it comes in. We got a new tax disc recently and of course there are teeth marks on it!’ However, like all dogs, she loves her grub, especially jellied meat in a tin with nuts, and her favourite food is boiled chicken.

She loves going on runs with Davina, a good long walk in the countryside, lying in the sun and ‘she’s a divil for bursting footballs,’ says Davina. ‘She chases them and loves bursting them. My son got a new ball and she burst it straight away but the kids, Patrick (10) and Louise (7) love her.’

Blackie also has a habit of getting tangled up in cobwebs and grass but they wouldn’t change her for the world. ‘She’s a great dog and she brings a lot of happiness to the family. My daughter asked her dad every day for a year for a dog and he didn’t want to get one but now they’re best friends. The kids are in love with her as are we. She’s our one and only.’

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