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Pet Of The Week – Pixie

Meet Pixie. Pixie is an eight-year-old Terrier cross breed with some Yorkie and a bit of Jack Russell. She lives in Glenbrook, Passage West with her moms Linda O’Callaghan and Sharon Murphy, her Cavalier King Charles brothers Ollie (9) and Chester (5) and her two feline sisters Milly (13) and Clover (14).

Her mother Linda says ‘We have three rescue dogs and two cats but Pixie is my favourite. She’s a well-known sight walking on top of the harbour wall while her Cavalier brothers walk beneath her on the pavement like ordinary dogs! We have a fantastic variety of sea and estuary birds right in front of our house so Pixie is always on the lookout for the heron while she’s up on the wall. She’s a brilliant guard dog and we always know when we have a caller before they ever reach the doorbell. Her favourite perch is the window seat in the bedroom where she can sit and pass judgement on passersby.’ Regarding food, Pixie’s favourite is cheese but she’s not a fan of popped corks so the minute she sees a bottle of Prosecco on the table, she runs upstairs.

Linda says her daughter Jess sent both herself and Pixie matching gold jackets from Brighton once and they gave the queue for the Cross River Ferry a good laugh as they walked by. Linda adopted Pixie from the Glansillagh Animal Rescue in Glanmire when Pixie was just over a year old. ‘I would urge anyone looking for a Christmas puppy to please, please get a rescue dog and don’t buy,’ says Linda. ‘I often tell people that Pixie rescued me…the affection and companionship plus the fact that you have to get out and walk every day will enhance and lengthen your life.’

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