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Plastic Free Carrigaline

Carrigaline businesses have signed up for the initiative with more expected to join in the coming weeks. Carrigaline Tidy Towns are supporting a voluntary environmental project, which aims to make Carrigaline a tap water refilling town.

The aim of is to prevent plastic waste by reducing the amount of single use drinking water plastic bottles we consume on a daily basis.

The initiative is aimed at tackling the amount of plastic bottles ending up as litter on our streets, the park and the Owenabue estuary. It encourages the public to refill their reusable bottle for free from commercial locations. Since its launch 8 environmentally conscious businesses in the town have signed up for, with the number growing weekly. To date we are delighted to have Galvins Carry Out, Bean & Leaf, Tony and Tinos takeaway, Phelans Pharmacy, The Stables bar, Crowley’s opticians, Rosie’s bar and Ramen signed up. Participating outlets will have a blue sticker on their front window or door.

A recent awareness campaign on litter saw our volunteers collect 300 plastic bottles over a two week period in August from ditches, carparks, and parks. This undoubtedly is only a fraction of the total amount discarded. We also hope to install a public water refill station on the main street in the new year as part of our commitment to eliminate plastic waste in the environment.

On average, every person in the EU consumes up to 106 litres of bottled water every year. Even if the bottles are recycled, this has a negative impact on the environment, with people being encouraged to use reusable containers instead. have provided a TAP MAP to find either participating local business pledging to give FREE, no quibble tap water refills in your reusable water bottle or local public mains water tap locations.

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