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Protect Yourself As Flu Season Approaches – At Phelans Pharmacy Carrigaline

Protect Yourself As Flu Season Approaches – At Phelans Pharmacy Carrigaline

With winter’s flu season approaching we spoke to Danielle O’Shea, Pharmacist with Phelans Pharmacy, Main Street Carrigaline about what you can do to effectively prevent and treat colds and flus and on getting vaccinated against the virus.  Speaking to The Carrigdhoun Newspaper, Danielle said “For the healthy population who will get the flu, they will feel better within 7-10 days. However, for the “at risk” population, flu can be very severe and can cause serious illness and death, especially in the very young and in the elderly. Pregnant women have been found to be at increased risk of complications of flu, so a vaccine this flu season is very important if you are pregnant.”

When asked the difference between the common cold and Flu, Danielle said “A cold is much less severe. A cold usually starts gradually with maybe a sore throat or runny nose, usually without a fever. You’ll know it’s the flu when symptoms come on suddenly, muscle aches, headache and a high temperature.

Speaking about the flu vaccine, Danielle said “each year the flu vaccine contains three common inluenza virus strains. The flu virus changes and mutates each year so the makers of the vaccines try to predict best coverage for each season. The flu vaccine is different each year, so you need to be vaccinated each year. The flu vaccine is very safe and has been given for 60 years to millions of people around the world. Reactions after the vaccine is given are mild and serious side effects are very rare. And before you ask, No. The flu vaccine will not give you the flu!”

She said prevention is better than cure, and stressed the importance of getting a flu vaccine if you belong to an at-risk group such as the over 65s, people with long term conditions, pregnant women, the morbidly obese, healthcare workers and residents of nursing homes.

We have been providing the flu vaccination service in Phelans Pharmacies since 2011 and every year we have seen an increase in uptake of the vaccine.

Danielle advises “this winter keep well, eat well, keep active and get vaccinated. Vaccination will start late September, early October so I would invite you to make an appointment at Phelans Pharmacy by calling 021 4371600. 

Getting your flu vaccine in Phelans Pharmacy is hassle free with no waiting times. It only takes 20 minutes out of your day, and you may be entitled to it for free (ask a member of staff for more details). 

Phelans family run pharmacy has been serving the people of Carrigaline for almost 30 years.

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