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Report: Carrigaline Community Association

Writes Ciaran Dineen

Carrigaline Community Association Declare Poster Ban

On a warm Monday evening this week the Carrigaline Busniess Association got their public meeting underway at the Complex. On the night, members of the public were joined by current County Councillors; Seamus McGrath (FF), Marcia D’Alton (Ind) and Aidan Lombard (FG). Joining the councillors were other candidates for the upcoming Local Elections in May, Liam O’Connor (FG) and Catriona Reid (Greens).

The event kicked off with a presentation to Carol McCarthy from the Carrigaline Community Association, following her retirement from the Junior Youth Club after 20 years of service and dedication to the youth of Carrigaline.

The primary topic on Monday evening’s agenda was in relation to the use of posters in the lead up to elections in May. Chairperson of the Association, Michael Wall, set out the group’s stance at the beginning of the night, which was to whole-heartedly support a ‘poster ban’. Such a position is in line with other municipal areas who have taken a similar approach in recent weeks.

Although there was some toing and froing between Mr Wall and Carrigaline Tidy Towns Chairperson, Liam O’Connor, it was eventually decided that there was a clear consensus in the room to back a poster ban throughout the whole of Carrigaline. Councillor McGrath made the Association aware, following deliberation, that there is no statutory law to legally prevent candidates from using posters during their campaigns, but through trust and goodwill a poster ban could be successfully implemented.

The Chair also raised issues relating to security and anti-social behaviour in Carrigaline. In recent months there has been a bout of very serious incidents in the area, most recently the attacks on bus shelters. Concerns were raised about the safety of the magnificent sculpture which has just been completed in the memorial garden. It was argued that the wood-carved soldier (created by artist Nathan Salmon) will quickly become a target for vandalism once unveiled.

The Community Association asked present councillors to convey their worries to the County Council and the Ballincollig-Carrigaline Municipal District, and made the suggestion that perhaps CCTV should be installed in the garden in attempt to ward-off potential damage.

Chairman Wall said that the relationship between the town and Gardaí is not what it should be, saying that there has been a breakdown in communication in recent times. It is hoped that Police Forum meetings in Carrigaline will restart shortly and that the area can begin to rebuild the partnership.

A resident of Carrigcourt was interested in whether the Association or councillors had any update on the planning process in relation to the development of three schools just beyond the estate. He also wondered if the necessary developments to the road from the Ballinrea roundabout (before the garages), up to Ballinrea Cross, were beginning soon.

Speaking jointly on this councillors D’Alton and McGrath said that a report should be made public in the next couple of weeks where the recommendations will be made clear. It is hoped that those who made submissions to the planning permission will receive a positive response, but it’s safe to say that residents and councillors alike aren’t holding their breath on this.

On a brighter note, thanks were given to councillors for their efforts in eventually getting a significant change to the operation of the 220 and 220x bus services. Recently The Carrigdhoun reported that that passenger levels were up 60% for the 24 hour bus. Councillors appreciated the support.

The next public meeting for the Carrigaline Community Association will take place on 23rd September.

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